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Belt Scraper
The function of the Conveyor Belt is to carry material and during this process material sticks to the Belt for which Belt Scrapers are used to clean the Belt.
‘STALLION' Scrapers are made from finest quality of Rubber having optimum hardness so that it does not damage the Belt during the cleaning process.
Scrapers are of two types viz. external blade Scraper with counterweight for external purpose and V-blade type internal Scraper for cleaning the Belt from inside on return.

  • External Scraper : This is the simplest type of cleaner. The cleaner consists of single Rubber Blade installed at the discharge pulley and pressed against pulley by counter weight. The blade scrapes away the residual material.
  • V – shape Internal Scraper : The internal belt cleaner is in the form of two rubber blades making a V and is installed prior to the tail pulley and other bend pulley on return.

    Self Cleaning / Belt cleaning return idlers are also available.