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In order to ensure that material produced is of the highest quality, all of our production and testing is done in-house. To produce material of the best quality and to exacting standards, we do not rely on off the shelf equipment. Most of our machinery is custom designed to our specifications. This enables us to deliver on-time while maintaining control of the production quality. The amount of customization in our production line is unrivalled in the conveyor industry.

All our lathes are heavy-duty, extremely rigid and have a huge amount of damping applied. In addition they are pressure grouted deeply onto specially built subfloor platforms. This combined with our special customizations allow us to machine precise tolrances and excellent finishes.Similar techniques have been applied to all our other machine tools.

In addition we run-in each roller produced to test for free rotation and to ensure friction-factor coefficients are being met.

Our testing facilities also include water and dust ingress testing for rollers upto 2900mm face length.